The Week’s Accumulation lxxii

This is one of those weeks that every author’s gotta love. This was one of those weeks when I finished something! Over the holidays, I poked and prodded a manuscript I wrote last summer. My inner editor had pinpointed a couple of gaps that needed filling—a missing battle sequence, a growly confrontation, and an appropriately ominous epilogue. This afternoon, I hit SAVE one last time, backed the book up in three places, and jotted a note to my editor at Zondervan. Fwoo! It feels good to cross the first book in a new trilogy off my To Do list! That’s my big news, but other authorial clutter awaits. Check it out!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ We’re in the midst of a countdown to the release of The Garden Gate. A few of you responded to last Tuesday’s post. Some of you may have missed the fun stuff that happened in the comments. I revealed some fun facts and asked a trivia question. Keep chatting with me, and you’ll learn even more! Here’s a little of what was said:

♦ Fun Fact: Prissie’s birthday is in January! ♥
♦ Fun Fact: Jayce Pomeroy drives a 15-passenger van. I’ll fill it up in Book 4! ; )
♦ Trivial Tidbit: Baird has at least two nicknames for Milo that are mentioned in the series. Do you remember what they are?

♦ This last week, an artist friend of mine decided to put her new set of gray copic markers to the test by creating art of some of the Threshold Series angels. Here are just two of them. I’ll share more another week.

Baird and Kester by Terri DelgadoBaird and Kester by Terri Delgado

Angels in Harmony by Christa Kinde♦ And while we’re on the subject of Worshipers, let me remind you that Baird and Kester are the focus of a brand new FREE short story that’s written by yours truly and illustrated by Anna Earley. Story Summary: Angels have always served in pairs, but Baird is sure there must be some mistake when Kester shows up on his doorstep. The vividly energetic redhead couldn’t have been more different from his genteel new apprentice. Yet their rocky beginnings give way to a unique balance, proving that friendship can flourish in the unlikeliest of places, given time, trust, and the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Angels in Harmony ♦ Free Download

♦ It’s come to my attention that January is National Mentoring Month, so the various mentors from the Threshold universe have been on my mind. Do you have a favorite? Just for fun, can you remember who’s apprenticed to each of these guys? (Click the links to see character art for each.)


♦ Last week, I mentioned that I’m working with Anna Earley on creating a proper book cover for Rough and Tumble (and for Tried and True). As promised, here’s an initial sketch of Zeke and Ethan for this completed serial! The cover should be done by next week. Looking forward to that reveal! : )

Sketch RnT

♦ And since I recently went through and added several missing thumbnails to the galleries that are indexed in my Story Art Gallery, here’s a selection:

New Hat     Abner      Bridge

Koji sketch by Terri Delgado     Snow Day     Training Flight

Koji-flowers_     Tycho     Koji_

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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