The Week’s Accumulation lxxi

New Year’s means a lot of things to folks. A clean slate. A starting line. A fresh resolve. We reminisce about the year gone by—highlights, turning points, goals met, friends made. We make plans for the future. As for myself, I spent part of my Christmas holiday mapping out a three-year writing plan. But all the grand schemes in the world still come down to day-by-day dedication, in spite of life’s little interruptions. (Like the nasty cough/cold I won’t moan about.) So … Happy New Year! Let’s do this!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ I posted Chapter 40 of Tried and True this morning. There’s still so much to look forward to in the story, but I’m glad to have finally brought Taweel and Omri together. If you haven’t been following my latest serial, give it a whirl. The story updates every weekday (with occasional lags for nasty cough/colds) with a quick 100-word chapter.

Summary: In Tried and True, we go back into the past, to a time when Taweel was an apprentice himself, Sent to watch over a young girl. When her life ends, his heart shatters. The grieving Guardian’s life undergoes a slow and steady transformation after he meets a yahavim named Omri, a pair of heavenly Weavers, a Worshiper whose songs are laced with sorrow, and two little boys with auburn hair and wide brown eyes.

♦ Let’s celebrate Omri’s naming with some yahavim art!

      Yahavim       Omri

Yahavim       14 Omri

Little Friend by MistyTangLittle Friend by MistyTang

♦ In other news, we’ve started a countdown to the release of Book 4: The Garden Gate with a back cover reveal. Watch for more new art, newsy bits, and teasers on Tuesdays. The final installment in the Threshold Series will go on sale on January 28, 2014. You can pre-order your copy now! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Zondervan

♦ One of the items on my desktop this morning is a series of thumbnails. Anna Earley and I are in the midst of creating a proper book cover for Rough and Tumble! I’ll share the final sketch and my plans for Ethan’s and Zeke’s story next week! ♥

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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