The Week’s Accumulation lxix

Yesterday was full of festiveness. We snuck out at sunrise for over-priced coffee in holiday flavors, then raided the cookie cutter bin. Sugar and butter, vanilla and chit-chat. My daughter turned out a gorgeous batch of cherry pecan bread, a Christmas specialty from my childhood. After baking all morning, we regrouped for a special evening. My other daughter took up the cello this year, and her first recital was last night. ♫  Today will find me at the icing bowl while the family uncaps bottles and jars of sugars and sprinkles. But first … this post! Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:

♦ Cookies! We’ve been baking up a storm that would do Jayce Pomeroy proud. : )  Stars and bells and pretty shells. Pigs, butterflies, daisies, and dala horses. Rest assured, there will be pink-nosed reindeer! ♥ Let’s have some show and tell, since I snapped a few quick pictures for y’all…

Stars for Koji


Diamond Panes

Angels in Harmony by Christa Kinde♦ I do hope you’ve already nabbed your copy of Angels in Harmony. That free illustrated short story is a Christmas treat. A few people apologized to me because they don’t have a Kindle or Nook on which to read these digital shorts. But fear not! If you’re reading my blog, you have all the equipment you need to read my stories! : )

There are free desktop readers from Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. And when you set up an account with any of those sites, you’re also able to read online (eg. Kindle’s cloud reader). Explore your options! Free reading apps: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

♦ There’s a giveaway underway at Grandma’s Cookie Jar. In an effort to spread the word about my new free short story, Angels in Harmony, Grandma’s Cookie Jar is hosting a Christmas giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a signed set of the first three books in the Threshold Series: The Blue Door (Bk 1), The Hidden Deep (Bk 2), and The Broken Window (Bk 3). The drawing will take place on January 1, 2014!

Enter the Giveaway @ Grandma’s Cookie Jar >>

♦ If you enjoy angel-infused Christian fiction, Daniel Whyte IV assembled a list this week. He included the Threshold Series in his collection of contemporary fiction. Check it out!

♦ I have several Threshold Series-inspired boards over on Pinterest, including one for Miscellaneous things from the series and one dedicated to Prissie Pomeroy. It’s always fun to run across a pin that fits in nicely with the details of a story. : )

Pinterest Sampler

Would you like to give an angel a gift? Two of my Pinterest boards are group boards, which means you could join in on the pinning! Email me for an invite.

Give Baird a T-shirt
Secret Santa Gift Exchange

♦ I now have several gifts for you, all for the asking/taking:

Angels All Around – a free short story, a Threshold Series prequel that takes you back to the day that Prissie meets Milo!
Angels in Harmony – a free shorty story, companion to The Broken Window that follows Baird and Kester through the holiday season
Rough and Tumble – a free serial about Zeke Pomeroy’s guardian angel, now complete in 300 chapters
Tried and True – a free serial that delves into Taweel’s back story, this adventure is currently updating each weekday
♦ Request art cards, and I’ll mail them to you postcard style!
♦ I have beautiful bookplates. Would you like one personalized?

♦ If you’ve enjoyed my stories, I consider myself richly rewarded. If you’d like others to share our joy, there are little things you can do. “Like” my author profile. Rate my stories on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads. Review each of the books, even if your words are short and sweet. And talk about the Threshold Series to your friends. ♥

♦ And finally, we’re actually close enough to start counting down to Book 4: The Garden Gate, the final installment in the Threshold Series. After Christmas, I’ll start sharing news and tidbits about the series finale, which releases January 28, 2014! It’s close, and hints are showing up in my inbox. See? In an email this week from Zondervan:

Zondervan Ad, The Garden Gate

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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