In which one story reaches ‘The End’…

Authorial Endeavor #028. The final installment of Rough and Tumble has been posted, wrapping up a serial I’ve been telling for more than a year. Ethan’s story kicked off back in August 2012 leading up to the release of Book 1 in the Threshold Series, The Blue Door. If you haven’t already read this mini-epic, I’d encourage you to give it a go. Why?

♦ Since the story takes place from Ethan’s point of view, it fills in a lot of details about angelic culture.
♦ Several of the cast members have a part to play in Angels All Around, a FREE illustrated short story, which takes place during the events of Rough and Tumble.
♦ A few of these angels also make their way into the four-book Threshold Series. You’ll recognize them right away if you’re familiar with Rough and Tumble.

I invite you to reread the story from its beginning. And to browse through the gallery of story art for the story. Here are thumbnails of a few of my favorites:


Raz     Apple Picking     Jomei

It’s nice to complete something. But it’s also very exciting to begin something new. My next serial adventure will begin today. I’ll post the first chapter of Tried and True shortly. May it capture your imagination in brand new ways! ♥

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