Rough and Tumble, Chapter 295: Too Short

Chapter 295: Too Short

Dark brought out the fireflies … and the marshmallows. Zeke presented his latest creation. “I can’t bake a cake here, but I make good s’mores.”

A nibble. A smile. “It is sweet.”

Zeke explained, “The names a mush of some and more. Because once you have one, you always want s’more!”

Ethan’s smile wobbled.

The boy noticed and whispered, “Whassa matter?”

“I will miss this.”

Zeke’s brows drew together. “Are you goin’ away?”

“Not far,” Ethan promised.

“Can you visit?”

“I cannot say.”

“That usually means no,” Zeke grumbled.

Ethan gently mussed the boy’s hair. “It only means be patient.”



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