Rough and Tumble, Chapter 293: The More the Merrier

Chapter 293: The More the Merrier

“Can I keep him?”

Jayce chuckled. “Sure, sure. If your Momma says so.”

Zeke grinned up at Ethan, whose lap he’d claimed as his throne. One he willingly shared with Jude. “Momma says more’s merry!”

Ethan wasn’t used to this much attention. His whole Flight had arrived, and Garrick and Yannis were making faces. Alpheus looked on with a tender expression. Conrad smirked. Verrill plucked “Kumbaya” on his harp. Only Tycho remained alert and restless.

When the Flight captain realized Ethan was staring, he strode over and leaned down to murmur, “Things are stirring, and I am Sent. To you.”



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