Rough and Tumble, Chapter 290: Generosity

Chapter 290: Generosity

Ethan had been frantic, yet now he was in a state of flustered bliss. Zeke was in his arms. Seeing him. Talking to him. Nonstop.

“It’s like a treasure hunt,” the boy rambled. “But a race, too. Neil mostly wins. ’Cept I think Tad lets him. The prize is a whole cake. You like cake?”

“I am uncertain.”

“How come?”

Ethan had no idea how to answer.

“Aint’cha tasted cake?”

“No, but it smells good.”

“Yep! ’Specially mine. Want me to make you one?”

With a sheepish glance at Ranger Prentice, Ethan admitted, “That would only add to my joy.”



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