The Week’s Accumulation lxi

Ah, I skipped a week. Can’t go back and remedy that, but that’s the way it goes. Last weekend was taken up with the SDCWG’s fall conference, which I reported on the other day. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole endeavor … and met so many nice people. In the aftermath, I’ve been writing like crazy, trying to tie up some loose ends before NaNoWriMo gets underway. You’re welcome to inspect my odd bits of clutter.

♦ Several people have contacted me over the last few weeks to request postcards, and that makes me so happy! I’ll remind you that anyone can sign up to have a bit of story art appear in their mailbox. I do love sending off mail! ♥  These are the images featured on the postcards currently available:


Ephron     Little Daughter 2

♦ Speaking of freebies, this is a good time to remind you that Angels All Around, the Threshold Series prequel that crosses over with Rough and Tumble, is free to download. Story Summary: This story takes readers back seven years to that providential summer day when West Edinton’s brand new mailman introduces himself to the little lady sitting in the gazebo alongside Main Street. What Prissie sees and what’s actually happening are two very different things. For Milo, the newly-grafted Messenger, it’s a lesson in trust that’s shared by Ethan, the beleaguered Guardian who’s Sent to their defense. FREE DOWNLOAD

Angels All Around, Final Cover

♦ A second short story is in the works. I’m given to understand that Zonderkidz will be making Angels in Harmony available in early December. In the next week or two, I’ll do a cover reveal. I’m really excited to share this bit of seasonal mischief. Baird will be in fine form for the holidays. ♫

♦ Thank you to everyone who’s taken time to post a review or feature of the various titles in the Threshold Series in a blog post. A few of those who received review copies of The Broken Window have posted their responses. Naturally, it’s nice to hear that readers are enjoying the stories I write. But I also appreciate the support. Publishers and readers alike look at numbers and stars and likes. Apparently, they make the world go ’round. : )

Christian Fiction Reviews: The Blue Door
Christian Fiction Reviews: The Hidden Deep
Christian Fiction Reviews: The Broken Window
Books, Reviews, Etc: The Blue Door
Books, Reviews, Etc: The Hidden Deep
Books, Reviews, Etc: The Broken Window

NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. During National Novel Writing Month, thousands of writers accept the challenge to tap out 50,000 in just 30 days. A glance at the calendar puts the start date at one week away. As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter and I will be colluding on a story this year. Expect the odd report on our progress over the next four weeks. Also, we invite you to watch our NaNoWriMo 2013 Pinterest board, where there’s a fun little battle/challenge underway.

♦ In going through my piles this week, I noticed that I have a few pieces of art that I shared in these weekly posts but didn’t actually add to the art galleries. Since a few focus on Koji, let’s make this a feature of the young Observer. It’s fun to see him portrayed in so many different artists’ styles.

Koji sketch by Terri Delgado    Koji_     Koji-flowers_

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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