Rough and Tumble, Chapter 288: Strangely Familiar

Chapter 288: Strangely Familiar

Ranger Prentice draped a striped towel around the boy’s shoulders and roughed up is hair. “Calm down, Zeke.”

“Fear not,” Ethan repeated. His humming gradually lapsed into his favorite lullaby for the boy.

When Zeke wiped his nose on his rescuer’s shoulder, the ranger produced a handkerchief. Sniffle. Honk. And a hard stare. Zeke asked, “How come I know that song?”

“I cannot say.”

“How come I know you?”

“Perhaps we are friends.”

“Okay.” Zeke’s brows drew down, and he announced, “You talk funny.”

Ethan blinked. “I do?”

With a little pat, Zeke generously said, “S’okay. It’s like the Bible.”



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