In which I rub elbows with local talent…

Authorial Endeavor #026. This past weekend marked another authorial first. Actually, there are several firsts involved. My first writer’s conference. My first spot in a panel discussion. My first time to present a writing workshop. And my first chance to participate in faculty consultations.

SDCWG 2013

My husband and I were both on faculty for the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild’s annual Fall Conference. His experience as a former publisher for Thomas Nelson made him a popular guy. Attendees flocked to his workshop on writing queries and proposals, and his consultation slots were jam-packed. My own workshop, “Stories in Miniature,” went by in a fifty-minute rush. Hard to believe I had so much to say!

Consultations are fun! People signed up for fifteen minute time slots with members of the faculty. Some writers proposed books I can’t wait to read. Others wanted suggestions for structuring their plot or shaping their premise. A few just wanted reassurance that they were going in the right direction. I was able to hear pitches, peruse one sheets, and dole out advice and encouragement in equal measures.

Saturday afternoon’s docket included the presentation of a few annual awards. Since I hadn’t entered any of my books, I wasn’t expecting my name to be called. The board was all smiles over my surprise. The San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild presented me with the Nancy Bayless Award for Excellence in Writing.

SDCWG 2013 Awards

I’m the one in yellow shoes. More pictures and information on the other awards and honorees are on the SDCWG Blog!

What about you? Have you ever attended a writer’s conference?

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