Rough and Tumble, Chapter 284: Torn Apart

Chapter 284: Torn Apart

With a resounding snap, the branch broke, and Zeke vanished into the river. Ethan’s whole being vibrated with a longing to follow, but God had not released him. He needed to wait.

Blight turned to him with a sly smile. “Follow, and you Fall. Stay, and your service ends. Either way, you’re free … friend.”

Zeke surfaced, floundering against the undercurrent. Ethan glanced around, but the path along the river was empty, and the Caretakers weren’t in sight. Zeke needed a miracle. But his life was in God’s hands. “I will wait,” Ethan whispered.

‘Child of light, you may go.’



Author’s Note: This story in small chapters is a companion to Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series [Zonderkidz] and updates every weekday (Monday through Friday). More information and cast pictures can be found on the Rough and Tumble index page. And don’t forget, more story art is on display in my gallery!

Rough and Tumble, © Copyright 2012 – 2013 Christa Kinde, all rights reserved. If you want to receive an email whenever my stories update, consider subscribing to this blog. You can also watch for notifications on Twitter.

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