The Week’s Accumulation lx

Busy, busy, busy! The weather’s finally turned here, so it feels like autumn (California-style). Misty mornings. Mild days. Chilly evenings. The end of summer has always kicked me into a kind of creative frenzy. October is my favorite time of year. Traditionally, this is one of my most productive seasons. In more ways than one. Our family has entered “birthday season,” and we’re finding fun ways to mark each milestone. But I’m still finding time to write … and make a mess on my desktop. Come see this week’s clutter!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ My writing workshop at the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild‘s is less than a week away, which means I’m at the “what should I wear?” stage of preparations. -chuckle- If you’re local and interested, be sure to check it out. (Students and teachers are half price.) A blurb for my workshop, “Stories in Miniature,” is on my home page. Looking forward to it!

♦ The time has come to let you in on a little secret. I’m getting my ducks in a row to release Galleries of Stone as a trilogy. The plan is to publish all my stories with a magical, fantasy, fairy tale feel under my maiden name. So don’t be surprised when you see Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet by C. J. Milbrandt offered to a wider world. That’s me. No one’s made off with Frey and Tupp.

Fun Facts:
♦ I’ve edited the entire story to finesse certain details and oust most of the highfalutin verbiage. All the trickiest Words of the Day are long gone. (I took great delight in deleting gasser and barn burner!)
♦ I’ve added a brand new prologue to the story.
♦ There are oodles of artistic flourishes thanks to my illustrator, Hannah Christenson. ♥ She captured dozens of small details from the story so I could drop them in as scene breaks. (I’ll show you a few in upcoming weeks.)
♦ Release date? If all goes smoothly, Meadowsweet should be out by next month. I’ll keep y’all posted.
♦ Format? The books will be available in digital format for all kinds of e-readers. Much more convenient than having to click through pages on my blog.
♦ You can still read the original first eleven chapters right here on my blog. They’ll serve as a teaser and as a record of my year-long writing adventure.
♦ Would you like a first peek at the sketch for the cover art?

Cover Sketch, Meadowsweet

♦ Back to my traditional publishing escapades! The Threshold Series is still getting plenty of my attention. Why, this week alone I wrote the first chapter for a series sequel so I can pitch it to my publisher. (Not saying nothing about that since y’all are still waiting on Book 4!) I’m caught up again with Rough and Tumble, which only has twenty-odd chapters left before it reaches its finish. Tried and True, my next mini-epic is due to launch in a few weeks. (So eager to dive into Taweel’s backstory!) And I’m just dazzled by the finished art for the new book plates I’ll be offering to readers this fall. Didn’t Anna Earley do an amazing job? ♥

Book Plate, Final

Now some of my kids had never heard of bookplates, so let’s take a moment to ’splain. [Link to bookplate wiki] They’re admittedly old-fashioned, but I find them both fascinating and beautiful. Essentially, they’re name tags people would paste into their books. “This book belongs to me!” These days, they’re collectors’ items. All vintage and chic. Mine are gifts for readers who might wish they had a signed book. Anyone of can request these bookplates. I’ll happily personalize one and send it off to you. Once they’re hot off the presses, I’ll make a more formal announcement.

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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