Rough and Tumble, Chapter 278: Other Mister Ranger

Chapter 278: Other Mister Ranger

While Zeke and Jude splashed around, a man paused to watch. Ethan’s glance became a double-take. This must be the second Caretaker.

Zeke blurted, “Mister, are you an Indian?”

“At the moment, I’m a park ranger.”

“Do you know stuff?”

“Knowing stuff is part of my job.”

“Like what?”

“You’re wading in Bear Creek. This tree is a red oak. And there are three deer watching you and your brother catch crayfish. If we sit here and hold very still, they’ll come down for a drink.”

Zeke’s eyes widened. “You’re mostly amazing!”

Dark eyes smiled. “Also part of my job.”



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