Rough and Tumble, Chapter 272: Imaginative Annuals

Chapter 272: Imaginative Annuals

“This one?” asked Zeke, picking from the spinner’s bottom row.

Grandma Nell glanced down. “Zinnias are perfect. But which color do you want? Blood red. Poison green. Royal purple.”

“Wish I could get white ones and paint ’em.” After careful scrutiny, he chose a multicolored variety with festive splatters and streaks. “Do they sell jungle vines?”

Ethan liked the mischievous sparkle in Nell’s eyes. “All kinds,” she assured, reaching for scarlet runner beans and four-o-clocks.

People were quick to say that Zeke took after his father, but without a doubt, Jayce was his mother’s son. Making Zeke a grandma’s boy.



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