Rough and Tumble, Chapter 270: Dissatisfactory Answer

Chapter 270: Dissatisfactory Answer

Conrad touched Ethan’s shoulder. “Our captain wants to talk.”

“To me?”

His mentor nodded. “I’ll take your place here. He’s waiting on the roof.”

With one last look at his sleeping charge, Ethan obeyed. Winging quickly toward the glittering stars, he glided into a tight spiral that carried him to back down to Tycho’s side. Furling pink wings, Ethan announced, “I am here.”

“How is Zeke?”

“All is as it should be.”

His captain frowned, as if the answer dissatisfied him. “Young Guardian, you can call upon me at any time.”

“I know it.”

Tycho searched Ethan’s face. “Do you?”



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