Rough and Tumble, Chapter 267: Ice Folly

Chapter 267: Ice Folly

Faith threaded through Ethan’s heart like a song, leaving no room for worries or doubts. Blight’s threat definitely kept him on guard, but nothing could diminish his trust. Or the delight Zeke brought to his days. Ethan sat with a few other angels on the rail of the red bridge overlooking the Pomeroys’ pond.

“Faster!” challenged Zeke.

Jasper grinned. “I’ll catch you!”

“No fair!” complained Timothy. “You could already skate!”

“You’re doing good,” Zeke replied, spreading his arms wide. “It’s like flying.”

The freckle-faced boy grumbled, “People can’t fly.”

“Can too.” Zeke’s eyes took on a faraway look. “In dreams.”



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