The Week’s Accumulation liii

Oh, what a full week! I’ve been addressing postcards, writing letters, mailing review copies, fielding questions, getting up in front of people, smiling for the camera, critiquing sketches, foraging for reference photos, reading voraciously, and trying to squeeze in some actual writing! All in all, this has been a good week. Lots of reasons to be grateful. And plenty of clutter to show-and-tell y’all about. Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Big news first. Yesterday was the release day for Book 3 in the Threshold Series, The Broken Window. I’m so excited to get this latest installment into readers’ hands. If you’re interested in receiving a review copy, I’m making ten more available. What’s that? I’ll send you an autographed copy of the book, and in exchange, you’ll help spread the word about the Threshold Series by posting a review at Amazon, GoodReads, B&N, your blog, etc. Email me at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

Now that The Broken Window has released, those of you who’ve already received your review copies will be able to post reviews. Oh, and this might sound obvious, but it’d also be a big help if you want to go back and review The Blue Door and The Hidden Deep. In today’s marketplace, numbers matter. -helpless shrug- On a related note, thank you to those of you who contacted me privately to let me know how much you enjoyed the book. You guys make me smile in the goofiest possible way! ♥

♦ Yesterday’s Twitter Q&A was incredibly fun! People brought some interesting questions, and I enjoyed trying to answer them in 140 characters or less. I’ll share a couple of snippets, but you can always scroll back through my tweets if you want to piece together the conversation.


Y’know you can always tweet me questions. No need to have an official date and time for questions to be answered. I’d love to hear from you! ^__^


♦ In case you missed it, I revealed the new postcard for The Broken Window, which features a lovely piece of art titled “Little Daughter.” Please do request these art cards. They’re meant as gifts to readers. Yours for the asking!

TBW Postcards

♦ One of the exciting events in my week was a release party of sorts. My church invited me to set up a book table and share a little about the series. Since many of these folks already bought the first books in the series, it was so encouraging to see their eagerness to get their hands on Book 3!

Release Day TBW

♦ And let’s have another little art splurge! Here’s a fun piece called Caretakers. I like the artist’s whimsy in giving Abner and Padgett grand costumes. Very elegant. In this artwork, they truly do look like two sides of the same coin, but with subtle differences in expression to hint at their personalities.

Caretakers by Hunter Bonyun

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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