In which I confine myself to 140 characters…

Authorial Endeavor #025. Today’s the “birthday” for my latest book—The Broken Window. The third installment of the Threshold Series has released, and to help make merry, my publicist is hosting a Twitter Q&A session.

RELEASE DAY ♦ Thursday, August 22, 2013
Q&A SESSION – Live on Twitter at 2:00 p.m. (EDT)

1:00 p.m. (CDT) | 12:00 noon (MDT)  | 11:00 a.m. (PDT)

What does that mean? Welp … it’s sort of like being interviewed. And it’s sort of like being in a chat room. What’s lovely about tweeting my answers is that I don’t have to open my mouth. Instead, I can compose my thoughts. Tap away at my keyboard. Express myself in short bursts. In other words, I’ll be in my comfort zone! And you can join me there by bringing your curiosity. And your questions!

How can you take part? If you have a Twitter account, good. If you know how to tweet, even better. If you’re a tweep who knows their way around a hashtag …  may appropriately elated emoticons find you. ^__^ To take part in the Q&A session, post questions directly to me @ChristaKinde or to my publicist @DJC_comm. They’re encouraging us to use the #AskChrista hastag, so they can catch all the questions. If you simply want to follow the conversation as it unfolds, click on the #AskChrista hashtag and watch in realtime.

Conflicting schedule? If you can’t be there during the live Q&A session, my publicist has already started gathering questions. Post them using the #AskChrista hashtag, and they’ll forward them to me!

What kinds of questions should you ask? That all depends on what you’re wondering. If you’re wondering. Which would be wonderful. Just to get you thinking creatively, here are some of the questions the cast of the Threshold Series would probably be asking, given the chance…

Is that who I think it is on the postcard for The Broken Window? Nice to see the Hedge represent. ♦  Milo Leggett

Could you please do something about Ransom? Every time I turn around, there he is. It’s ridiculous! ♦ Prissie Pomeroy

Will there be much song? ♦ Koji

When are you gonna write something specialer? Like a book about me and Milo? Now, that‘d be Good! ♦ Zeke Pomeroy

Oh, oh, oh! I know, I know, I know! Can I wear my flip-flops to the Handel’s Messiah performance? ♦ Baird

Would you mind keeping quiet about my full name? Bad enough they found out at school. ♦ Beau Pomeroy

Someone should ask how long Taweel and Omri have been together. Now that’s a story! ♦ Harken Mercer

Here’s the question I’d pose to you! If you could give any of the Threshold Series folks a Christmas present, who would it be … what would you choose … and why?

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