The Week’s Accumulation lii

The clock is ticking toward Late, but I’m geared up to pull an all-nighter. I don’t do this often, but I have a good excuse. An artist friend will be streaming a piece of artwork I commissioned, and I’ll be there to ogle and advise. I’ll also be putting myself through several word sprint sessions. Creativity will be doubled and redoubling! But first … let’s poke through my week’s clutter.

This week’s accumulation:
BOOK 3♦ First things first. We’ve shifted from counting down the weeks to counting down the days before The Broken Window releases. This coming Thursday will be a book birthday, and I’m looking forward to the accompanying celebrations. Don’t forget the Twitter Q&A session that’s planned. And I’ll be dropping a small mountain of postcards into the mail. (Are you on my list? Join up! The postcards are free.)

PRE-ORDER! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Zondervan

♦ Some of the clutter on my desktop is very related to Book 3. You see, I’ve written another short story, which is in the process of being illustrated right now by the lovely Anna Earley. She did the art for Angels All Around, and she’s back for a fun, free seasonal story that’s scheduled to be out in time for the holiday season. It’ll be a Threshold-based Christmas gift from me and Zonderkidz to readers! But right now, it’s a pile of preliminary sketches lined up on the right side of my screen … and several photo references. Because Kester knots his scarf just so. And words fail at describing Baird’s fashion sense. And Milo isn’t always in uniform. ♥ More about this story later!

Angels All Around, Final Cover♦ It’s seems appropriate to remind you that if you don’t yet have Angels All Around on your e-reader, it’s a free illustrated short story. Summary: Go back seven years to that providential summer day when West Edinton’s brand new mailman introduces himself to the little lady sitting in the gazebo alongside Main Street. What Prissie sees and what’s actually happening are two very different things. For Milo, the newly-grafted Messenger, it’s a lesson in trust that’s shared by Ethan, the beleaguered Guardian who’s Sent to their defense.


♦ I’ll update you a little on my writing progress. My new story has reached Chapter 30, and it’s ticking along nicely. I’m very excited for what’s next, which is always a good sign when writing a book. I’m also in the midst of a non-fiction writing project. Hitting the deadline for that one has me pushing myself a little more than usual, but so far, so good.

♦ With the countdown posts, a lot of new art has been added to the story art gallery recently. Did you catch all of these? Click the thumbnails to see the full images:

Two Sides     Snow Angel     Ethan

There’s still time to enter the giveaway being hosted by Lynda Freeman, who maintains the Grandma’s Cookie Jar blog. A signed copy of The Broken Window is up for grabs! Read her review and sign up for the giveaway >>

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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