Rough and Tumble, Chapter 238: Shared Blame

Chapter 238: Shared Blame

“Jude started it,” Ethan accused, his tone light.

Alpheus couldn’t deny it, but he rushed to his charge’s defense. “Accidentally.”

“His aim was accidentally excellent.” Ducking, Ethan added, “And Beau’s has improved considerably.”

“Zeke was too quick to retaliate.” Alpheus leaned to one side, evading Neil’s volley.

Ethan nodded. “And the others should not have followed suit, but even Tad …!” Ten minutes ago, he wouldn’t have guessed that slices of warm pumpkin pie and spoons were the ingredients for a full-scale food fight.

Moments later, Lucan arrived. Taking in the spattered kitchen and splattered brothers, he responded predictably. “Ah.”



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