Rough and Tumble, Chapter 237: Thy Word Have I Hid…

Chapter 237: Thy Word Have I Hid…

At the sound of tearing paper, Prissie gasped, “Zeke! What are you doing!”

Ethan glanced sheepishly at his mentor, whose black eyes glinted. “I’m curious, too.”

Zeke held up a page from his Bible. “This.”

“That’s terrible!”

Zeke frowned. “Nuh-uh. It’s not a library book.”

“But why …?”

“To keep it with me.” Carefully folding the page, he explained, “Milo said.”

“Milo couldn’t have told you to rip up your Bible.”

Stuffing it inside his shirt, Zeke explained, “He said to hide it next to my heart.”

Prissie groaned. Ethan covered his eyes. Conrad smirked and said, “Close. Very close.”



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