Rough and Tumble, Chapter 235: Truckloads and Galaxies

Chapter 235: Truckloads and Galaxies

“My ’Lo! Teach me something good!”

Milo chuckled. “What do you want to learn, my ’Eke?”

“Something big!”

Ethan smiled sheepishly at the Messenger, who winked his way before asking, “How many apples did you harvest this year?”

“Dunno. Lots.”

“How many stars are in the sky each night?”

“Too many to count?”

“For anyone?” prompted Milo.

Zeke’s face scrunched up. “God might know.”

“Yep. He knows them all. So! How many people does God love?”

“Truckloads and galaxies?”

“That’s right,” Milo replied. “Yet He knows every single one. Including you.”

Zeke’s whole countenance brightened. “That’s good. I like that.”



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