The Week’s Accumulation l

A week has come and gone, and what a week it’s been. Stuff’s been happening so fast, it’s all I can do to keep up! We’re counting down to the release of The Broken Window, and I’ve accepted some extra non-fiction writing jobs. All this while maintaining an accelerated fiction writing schedule. My alarm clock and I are developing a deep, meaningful relationship. ♥ Naturally, my desktop has developed an acute case of clutter. Wanna see?

♦ In case you missed it, yesterday began our countdown to the release date for The Broken Window, which is the third book in my Threshold Series. I’ll be doing a bonus post each Thursday as we rush toward August 22, 2013, that book’s official “birthday.” Here’s the short version of the Story Summary: Christmas is right around the corner, and Prissie’s gift list has expanded to include an entire Flight of angels. As she searches for the perfect presents for her friends, she learns that good ones can come in unexpected wrappings, great ones come at a high price, and the greatest gift of all is still free.

100_4062♦ I’m a graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul, a Christian liberal arts school in Minnesota. In July, I was included as one of their alumni authors in their Pilot magazine alongside another Zondervan author. This week, I’m sharing a snapshot of the article. [Click to enlarge.]

♦ As I’ve mentioned from time to time, I’m immersed in a new book. All my pre-writing was done earlier this summer, so it was time to buckle down. For me, that means daily word counts and a chapter-a-day goal. July’s word count was 58,000~ words, and most of that’s writing for this new tween/teen adventure. This last week, I made it past the halfway point in the plot, so August will be my rush to the finish!

♦ It always feels good to complete something. This week, I was finally able to cross some things off my To Do list. I turned in a proposal to my editor. I finished edits on a short story. And I turned in the initial summary for a workshop I’ll be running at the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild’s Fall Conference in October. (More about all those exciting things later!)

♦ Did you know that I’ve been writing non-fiction for a dozen years? I’ve always tested high in the gift of teaching, which I love to exercise by writing Bible studies, workbooks, and devotionals. My schedule is borderline hectic right now because I’ve been invited to write/edit non-fiction titles for a few different publishers. In preparation for one of these projects, Zonderkidz sent me a box of shiny new books! Can’t wait to dive into them next week! (Reviews may follow.)


May I just say… polka dot Bible is made of win! ♥

♦ And finally, in relation to the upcoming release of Book 3: The Broken Window, I’ve added some new pages to this website. There’s a page under the Threshold Series tab for The Broken Window, and I’ve added a page under the Gallery tab. Watch for new additions of art in the weeks ahead, especially during out countdown.

Prissie     Koji     Minstrels

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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