Rough and Tumble, Chapter 226: Farmer’s Almanac

Chapter 226: Farmer’s Almanac

Zeke didn’t like chairs. “I can hear you fine from here, Teacher,” he promised from inside the block fortress he’d been building.

She hesitated. “Can you tell me about our lesson?”

“Almanac stuff.”

“Excuse me?”

Ethan felt a small burst of pride when, Zeke replied, “Spring’s for planting. Summer’s for weeding. Autumn’s for apples. And I already know ’bout weeks and days. Tuesdays are best ’cause of storytime. Are you gonna do storytime again? That part’s good.”

“Yes, Zeke. That’s the very next thing. Will you be listening?”

With a wave, he repeated, “I can hear you fine from here!”



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