Rough and Tumble, Chapter 225: Shortening

Chapter 225: Shortening

Five-year-olds looked harder to pin down than a flock of yahavim, yet by snack time, the kindergarten teacher knew who could read, who needed reminders to use the bathroom, and who would be her troublemakers. “Zeke, return to your seat.”

“Don’t have one!”

“Your name is right here.”

“Nuh-uh. My name’s Zeke.”

“This is your full name,” his teacher gently corrected.

Jasper leaned over. “Full?”

Timothy squeezed closer. “What’s it say?”

Ethan’s charge slapped his hands over the name tag. “It’s supposed to be spelled Zeke … only ’cept Teacher wrote it wrong. So I’m gonna sit with the gerbils.”



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