The Week’s Accumulation xlix

I wonder why summers always seem to fly by? Maybe that’s why it’s so important to take life one day at a time. If we’re looking too far ahead, the time we have right now sneaks away. So far, I’m sticking to my summer writing goals. Between those and getting outside for long walks, my days are full enough to be satisfying. Lots of little things cropped up on my desktop this week, so the clutter will be fun to share. Take a peek!

This week’s accumulation:
Rough and Tumble is coming along nicely. It’s a little strange to realize that I’ve been recounting Ethan’s watch-care over young Zeke for nearly a year now. The young scamp recently turned five, and in today’s chapter, he’s diving into his first day of kindergarten. (Insert nostalgic sigh. “Ah, they grow up so fast!”) As I’ve mentioned before, Rough and Tumble will wrap up later this fall with its 300th chapter.

♦ I’m still quite active on Pinterest. It’s fun to run across pictures that remind me of elements from my stories. I’ve added lots of new pictures to both my Prissie Pomeroy and Threshold Series – Misc. boards. Many folks have mentioned that they find the site a time-sink, but it continues to be a useful resource. I use my secret boards to collect details for the stories I’m plotting.

Sample A

♦ If you pay any attention to my Twitter feed, you’ll know that I keep an eye out for quotes about writing. They’re usually inspirational, motivational, or just plain well-said. If you’re similarly inclined, be sure to check out my Words board on Pinterest. At the time of this posting, there are over 700 pearls of wisdom collected there.


♦ We’re just over a week away from the countdown for the third book in the Threshold Series, which releases in September. Just like I did for Book 2: The Hidden Deep, I’ll do a bonus post every Tuesday with background tidbits, sneak peeks at sketches, and brand new art. If you want to go back and see the countdown for Book 2, that’s here. Watch for the countdown for The Broken Window to begin on the first Tuesday in August!

♦ Last but not least, new art! I couldn’t resist having a sketch done of Zeke and his two best friends. This is Trio by MistyTang.

Trio by MistyTang

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!