Rough and Tumble, Chapter 213: Remember When

Chapter 213: Remember When

For his fifth birthday, Jayce invited Zeke to help make his own cake.

“That looks familiar,” Jomei remarked to Ethan as the man pinned a familiar craft project to the bakery kitchen’s wall.

“You saved it!” Zeke exclaimed

His dad beamed. “Sure, sure. That’s our inspiration!”

Father and son spent all morning making chocolate leaves, recreating the cake Zeke had designed, chatting all the while. “Was you there when I was borned?”

“Me and Momma both!”

“Was I little?”

Jayce held out his hands. “Just this big.”

Jomei smiled nostalgically. “Jayce’s prayers were sweet.”

Ethan nodded. “As was your song.”



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