Rough and Tumble, Chapter 212: Rainy Day Campers

Chapter 212: Rainy Day Campers

Ethan sat on the floor in the family room, smiling as he watched over Zeke and Jude. Blankets and chairs made a tent, and a circle of building blocks represented their campfire. Both boys were draped in borrowed flannel shirts with the sleeves rolled up.

“Like this,” Zeke repeated.

“Dis,” echoed Jude.

“Almost. See here? You gotta fit it through.”

His little brother giggled softly. “Dis?”

“Nope. Watch me,” Zeke urged, untangling the boot laces again.

Ethan propped his chin on his hand and hummed happily. His young charge wasn’t just looking forward to summer; he was preparing for it!



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