Literary Fun and Games

I don’t often post personal nonsense, but my kids and I had such a good time this morning, I think I’ll share. My lot and I are very good at finding fun, and today’s invention was a hoot and a half.

We live in walking distance from a Costco, and we definitely qualify as regulars. Not only do big families buy in bulk, but ours has a tendency to stand out. Traveling in a pack is part of it. The fact that I treat their orange flatbed carts as personal palanquins is probably the rest. Ahem.

CardAnd then there’s the food court outside. They have tables and umbrellas, inexpensive food and free refills. So whenever we walk over there for milk, eggs, or lettuce, we usually crowd around one of the tables for 59-cent sodas and a few games of cards. We’re like those old men who play chess or dominoes in the park … but less sedate.

Today, we pulled out a pack of cards and dealt a game that’s usually referred to as President or Rich Man, Poor Man. (Be ye warned, it has its share of crude names as well, but the rules can be found here.) Being inventive sorts, we decided to mix up the ranks by playing Rich Man, Poor Man: Jane Austen-Style! Mister Darcy was high, and Mister Wickham was low, Lady Catherine De Bourgh and Mister Collins traded cards, and Mister Bingley was simply happy to be there. And because we could, we littered our game-time conversation with quotes and in-character banter.

How does your family find fun?

2 thoughts on “Literary Fun and Games

  1. There were some working replicas of the ships Niña and Pinta in the area recently, and my family went to see them. My friend and I dressed as pirates and went swaggering about singing old ballads. People kept asking us if we worked there, even though the ships aren’t pirate vessels. We assured the crew that we had no hostile intentions, as we’d left our swords at home. It was a lot of fun, but it was a bit hot to be wearing a primarily leather costume!


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