The Week’s Accumulation xlv

This has been the writingest week! My favorite days are those when I can slip into a story and linger there for hours. It always means new discoveries because as much as I like to know where I’m going with a story … I can’t always predict how I’ll get there. Needless to say, I’m closing on the the end of one project and itching to leap into the next. Happy days, happy days! Would you like a look at my clutter?

This week’s accumulation:
♦ This has been an emotional week for the Threshold Series. Book 3 is off to the presses, and Book 4 will go to my editor after the weekend. The writing has me on edge, which is the best place from which to create. I find the lag between when I write things and when they’re published a little strange. When I talk to readers, I have to be careful not to blurt random spoilers.

♦  Reviews have begun trickling in for The Hidden Deep. I appreciate it when readers take the time to support my books in this way. As does my publisher. I know I’ve linked to this article before. It offers very practical ways in which you can help spread the word about any of your favorite books and authors.

♦ It’s been a little while since I pointed y’all to my Pinterest boards. I’ve added a few new ones: Orchard, Mail, and Letters & Numbers. And new pins have shown up on both my miscellaneous Threshold Series board, as well as the one I keep just for Prissie.


♦ My Threshold Series companion story is closing in on a milestone. Rough and Tumble will reach Chapter 200 on Monday, and I’ll be unveiling new art to celebrate. If you haven’t been introduced to Ethan and the other guardian angels in the story, you’re missing out! Story Summary: In The Blue Door, Prissie Pomeroy gets the barest glimpse of an invisible realm where the Faithful are at war with the Fallen. With Rough and Tumble, the point of view tilts into the heavenlies, and the story is told from a very different perspective. Meet young Ethan, the newest angel the Hedge surrounding the Pomeroy family farm, as he is Sent to watch over Prissie’s little brother Zeke.

EthanEthan is the young, pink-winged guardian angel who also appears in the FREE prequel crossover, Angels All Around! If you haven’t downloaded it yet because you don’t have an e-reader, I have good news. There are free desktop versions on several sites. For instance, you can get Kindle for your desktop right here.

♦ And let’s do some new art. I’m adding this piece to the story art gallery for The Hidden Deep. It’s loosely based on one of the scenes in the story. (Yay for artistic license.)

Best Friend by reaper-bunny
♦ I was looking at the calendar, and realized that it’s actually time for me to be thinking about the countdown for Book 3: The Broken Window. The next installment releases on September 24, 2013, so I’ll probably start doing fun little posts each week starting in August. (The countdown for Book 2: The Hidden Deep is archived here.)

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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