Rough and Tumble, Chapter 190: Running Out of Excuses

Chapter 190: Running Out of Excuses

“I dunno ’bout this, Momma.” Zeke had been dragging his feet all morning. It was his first day of preschool. “Grandpa needs me!”

“Your chores will be waiting when you get home.”

“And Jude’s gonna miss me!” he argued.

“I’ll keep him company.”

Ethan’s wings developed a twitch with each new excuse. Was preschool something to be feared?

“What about you, Momma?”

“I’ll pick you up in time for lunch.”

Zeke sulked.

In the parking lot, Naomi cheerfully exclaimed, “Oh, look! There’s Jasper.”

“Hey! Him and me are friends!” Zeke was off like a shot … and never looked back.



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