The Week’s Accumulation xliii

We’ve been making room for plenty of small town adventures, so my week’s clutter is mostly homey news and photos. My boys and I are wrapping up our visit to Minnesota and fitting in as much as we can—campfires, fishing trips, and dropping in on sites of local interest. There’s a bit of authorial news, too, so take a peek!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ We’re very close to the Franconia Sculpture Park, so we spent a sunny afternoon meandering across its sprawling acreage and exploring large-scale artwork. People come from all over the country to live and create in their facilities. It may not surprise you that this was one of my favorite pieces.

100_3964I’ve always loved letters. ♥

♦ Now that the garden’s in, my dad had the chance to take my boys fishing. I grew up sitting in a canoe with a bamboo pole and a red-and-white bobber. Dad taught me how to catch a night crawler, bait a hook, and scale our catch … but my boys weren’t raised in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. So trips like this have been their only chance to fish. We had a lovely fish fry of sunnies and crappies day-before-yesterday, and we’re sending them out again this afternoon because we’re having fish for supper again tonight. Good fun, good eating!

100_3980That’s my dad with one of my sons. Fun fact: I grew up in plaid flannel. ♥

♦ My dad should be my publicist. Everywhere I go in town, my Mom will introduce me, and people will say, “Oh, yes. You’re the author. Every time your dad stops in, he’s telling me….”  He’s created a buzz, and I appreciate it so much. Word-of-mouth recommendations from enthusiastic readers are a gift to any author.

100_4000♦ While we were toodling around town yesterday, my mom and I stopped in at Gammelgården, the center for local history here in Scandia. Its a picturesque spot that celebrates our town’s beginnings along with its Swedish heritage. Much to my delight, the ladies who run the gift shop inside The Välkommen Hus thought it would be nice to carry my books. I signed several copies especially for them, adding a note that proudly declares that Scandia is my hometown!

100_3995Every town has their “thing” and Scandia’s is the dala horse. These distinctive orange horses are painted on signs, displayed on people’s garages, and standing guard over prominent places around town. (The one in front of the fire station has dalmation spots!) I have a small orange dala horse on my bookshelf back home in Southern California, and I also have a dala horse cookie cutter.

♦ This seems an appropriate time to remind you that I love sending postcards to folks. If you’d like to join my mailing list, you may just find dala horses and/or story art in your mailbox! There’s a page here on my website that explains my postcard policies (such as they are). Please do take a look. I’d love to put a little something special in your mailbox. ♥

100_3999 Dala horses on display in Gammelgården’s Välkommen Hus.

♦ Now onto some story news! This week, my editor sent me the final-final manuscript of the third book in the Threshold Series. The document’s on my desktop, and it’ll make good reading for the flight home. If you haven’t visited my home page recently, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that Book 3: The Broken Window will be out on September 24, 2013.


♦ And last but not least, there’s some new art to share. These two pieces were added to the story art gallery for The Hidden Deep this week.

Purple Coneflower     Prissie&Koji

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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