The Week’s Accumulation xlii

This week was amazing, chock full of excitement. In fact, so much happened, I’m going to have to break all the events down into two different posts. Some fun today. The rest I’ll save up for Monday. Most of my desktop is scattered with photographs. Oodles to show and tell. Check it out.

This week’s accumulation:
Spring Sampler 2♦ I have a document or two cluttering up my desktop this week. One of them was for a guest blog post that I turned in a few days ago. These are lots of fun to write, so I was grateful for the invitation. Rest assured, I’ll link y’all up once it goes live.

Marine Community Library

♦ This week included an Author Talk, sponsored by the Marine Community Library. Since there are so many little things in that small town that found their way into West Edinton, I thought I’m saving all of that for a separate post. That’s the part of my week I’m putting off until Monday. Watch for it!

Lilacs♦ As you can see along the sidebar, I’ve been busy with my camera. Much of the garden’s in, and the 500 baby pines that my dad ordered are also in the ground. Tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths are blooming in the borders, and I’ve found wild violets in shady spots near the treeline. And the lilacs are in full bloom! When I was a child, we called those two lilacs in the inset picture the “little” bushes. (There’s a larger clump on the other side of the yard.) But in the last 20-30 years, those skimpy shrubs have grown considerably. Not unlike my oldest son, there. To give you some idea of scale, he’s about 6’5″ (and still growing).

Angels All Around. Here’s an obligatory reminder that this FREE short story is available. If you haven’t downloaded Angels All Around yet, please do! Story Summary: Angels and demons collide over West Edinton, a small town where not everyone is what they seem. In this companion story to the Threshold Series, a divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight. A longer summary, cast list, and art gallery are here.

♦ My week included a road trip! We were in Baraboo, WI this week in order to visit Circus World, a repository of years past, when the sound of a steam calliope carrying over the fields meant that the circus had come to town. ♫ This historical site is where the Ringling Bros. circus would over-winter each year. The old barns where the horses and elephants lived and trained are still there, and they’re filled with a rich history. Vibrant color posters, ornately-carved wagons, glitzy and glamorous costumes, pony floats, instrumental novelties, side show stars, and an archive of fascinating photographs celebrating the greatest show on earth.

Circus World Postcards

As you can see, I bought plenty of postcards! Those will go out to folks on my mailing list over the next few days. Now … Circus World isn’t just a historical archive. It’s also a working circus. Trained animals, death-defying stunts, unicycles, a magician, a contortionist, some real clowns, and a singing ringmaster. I laughed. I hid my eyes. I clapped and cheered. Went home with a spring in my step and a calliope-inspired melody circling through my mind. ♫


♦ And did you notice that calliopes keep coming up? I’ve been writing the next Threshold Series illustrated short story. Zondervan plans to release this holiday-themed escapade in time for Christmas. It features Baird & Kester, and I’d already written in a calliope. So when I found out we were going to Circus World, I was bound and determined to find one!

I located it hanging out in the elephant barn with a bell wagon, tuned sleigh bells, shaker chimes, and several other unique instruments. But providence is amazing stuff, and God had something more in store. We stayed over in Baraboo with my mother’s cousin, who just happens to be a circus museum curator. What do you think was standing in the corner of his living room?


Bliss and bless. I had a wonderful stay. ♥

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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