Rough and Tumble, Chapter 182: Clear

Chapter 182: Clear

“Show me where it hurts.”

“Can’t.” Zeke squirmed and rubbed his chest. “It’s down deep.”

Ethan edged closer, anxious to see if Jayce understood.

“Tell Daddy what you mean.”

Zeke bravely met his father’s gaze. “M’sorry.”

“Sorry you were hurt?” Jayce checked.

“Uh-huh.” With a blink, Zeke changed his mind. “Nuh-uh. Sorry cuz I was bad.”

Jayce’s expression cleared, and he hugged the boy. “Yes, you disobeyed … but I forgive you.”

Zeke wiped his nose on his father’s shirt. “That’s all?”

“For now. Or was there something else you needed?”

Clinging close, Zeke mumbled, “D’ya still love me?”




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