The Week’s Accumulation xxxix

This week’s been a jumble of busyness. Not in a bad way, though finding time to write has been a challenge. (And that makes me twitchy!) There’s photographs, documents, and a recap of one slightly hectic week to share, so have a look-see!

This week’s accumulation:
Angels All Around, Final Cover♦ ‘Twas very exciting to celebrate a Release Day this week. On Tuesday, Angels All Around became available. In this Threshold Series prequel, a divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight. If you haven’t already downloaded this free short story, please do so. And since this illustrated prequel costs nothing, it’s easy to share. Please, spread the word!

5-6-2013 4-06-47 PM

♦ One unexpected happening this week came through the generosity of the pastors’ wives at my church. I was so grateful to be invited to participate in the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning women’s Bible studies by bringing in a book table. These women have been blessing our family since last fall, and I was touched by their enthusiasm and generosity yet again this week. It was a delight to be able to give out small tokens of my gratitude in the form of these small promotional cards, which feature this art by chernotrav.

Cards for Angels All Around

♦ One of the items on my desktop right now is the manuscript for the third book in the Threshold Series. I’ll be doing the final line edits this week. It’ll be fun to read through the story one last time before it becomes an ARC.

♦ Another item on my desktop is a document. Right now, it’s pretty sparse. Just a list of names. My cast for a short story that’ll shortly be turned into a screenplay for a short film. I will be participating in the 168 Film Project, a Christian short film competition. Once the theme verse is revealed on Monday, we have ten days to finalize a script before filming begins. And then, the team’ll have 168 hours (exactly one week) to film, edit, and submit an 8-minute short. It’s gonna be fun!

♦ This week, my very first guest blog post went up on the Zondervan website. I made a short blog post about it here. I hope you’ll meander over to read, “Bringing Faith to Life.”

♦ Art! The Hidden Deep has been available for a couple of weeks, so I figured it’s now safe to add art of some new characters to the gallery. Here’s the piece I added to the gallery earlier today:

Pomegranates by avionetca

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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