In which figments are given form…

Authorial Endeavor #021. Celebrating another milestone of sorts this morning! I’m linking you up to my first guest blog post. The folks at Zondervan invited me to talk a little about what goes into working with an illustrator, namely Anna Earley, whose art helps bring the characters of Angels All Around to life!

Angels All Around, Final Cover“Back in January 2012, when I first commissioned Anna to create Blade of a Master, I was gratified when she complimented my take on angels’ wings. But to my chagrin, she dubbed their raiment “boring,” and set out to liven things up. That’s why her Ethan’s cowl doesn’t quite conform to the storyline. But I really liked the sashes she gave my warriors, so I wrote them in. They’re canon now.”

—excerpted from “Bringing Faith to Life,” Zondervan’s blog: Think Outside the Book

The article includes a sneak peek at some of the fabulous illustrations in the story, along with progress shots. Character development. Initial sketches. Line art. Flat colors. Finished art. It’s like a behind-the-scenes tour!

Messing With Text blank

Head on over to Zondervan’s blog to read the full article >>

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