Rough and Tumble, Chapter 166: Zeke and Jasper

Chapter 166: Zeke and Jasper

During the usual hubbub of a potluck Sunday, Ethan trailed after Zeke and fellow four-year-old, Jasper Reece, a sturdy boy with dark skin and big, brown eyes. They snuck into the hushed sanctuary; muffled giggles soon accompanied a convoluted—and rule-bending—game of chase.

When Jayce found them, they were a mess. Shirts untucked. Shoes missing. But he didn’t scold.

“I’m not in trouble?” Zeke asked bluntly.

“Church isn’t just for sermons and songs. It’s fellowship, and that means having fun with friends.” Grinning boyishly, he invited, “How about second desserts?”

On their way out, Jasper whispered, “Your dad’s cool.”



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