In which I create a free crossover prequel…

Authorial Endeavor #020. Today, it’s my pleasure to announce that Zonderkidz is giving away one of my stories! Angels All Around is both a prequel and a crossover, since it brings in several characters from Rough and Tumble. I have to admit, it was fun to write about the guardian angels in the Pomeroys’ Hedge without word constraints. No 100-word snippets here! And … I mentioned that it’s free, right?

5-6-2013 4-06-47 PM

Angels All Around, Final Cover

Angels All Around takes readers back seven years before The Blue Door to that providential summer day when West Edinton’s brand new mailman introduces himself to the little lady sitting in the gazebo alongside Main Street. What Prissie sees and what’s actually happening are two very different things. For Milo, the newly-grafted Messenger, it’s a lesson in trust that’s shared by Ethan, the beleaguered Guardian who’s Sent to their defense. A longer summary, cast list, and art gallery are available.


This is an illustrated story! There are several full-color illustrations sprinkled throughout, and I hope you’ll enjoy the game of hide-and-seek waiting for you. If you have a sharp eye, you’ll spot a yahavim in each one. In the Threshold Series, these little guys are heaven’s manna-makers … and cute to boot!

Yahavim, finalIllustrated by Anna Earley ♦ Anna Earley Illustration

So off you go! Secure your copy of Angels All Around. Enjoy your read. And if you can spare a moment to leave a review, it’d brighten my day. (And Anna’s, too, if you rave over her artwork as much as I do!)

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