Rough and Tumble, Chapter 162: Wild Blackberries

Chapter 162: Wild Blackberries

Purple juices stained Zeke’s fingers and dribbled down his chin.

Prissie wailed, “No fair! Now there’s not enough for a pie!”

Tad took his little brother’s hand. “I’ll bring Zeke home. You start filling the pail again.”

Neil pouted. “How come you’re skipping out?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll do my part.” Tad started walking.

“M’sorry,” Zeke mumbled, shuffling along.

“I bet,” his oldest brother said. “Can you make it?”


Tad steered toward a stump. “Stick to eating what you pick yourself. That’s fair. And stop eating before the good goes bad. Like now.”

Zeke nodded, groaned, and emptied his stomach.



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