The Week’s Accumulation xxxvii

This was a big week in my little corner of the world. The obvious news was Tuesday’s release of the second book in the Threshold Series. The Hidden Deep is in stores now, and I’m thrilled that the next installment of stories is available to readers! But oodles more happened, and it made a nice big mess all over my desktop. Want a peek at the clutter? I’m all set to share!

This week’s accumulation:
The Hidden Deep♦ Book 2: The Hidden Deep is out there, so find yourself a copy! And if you want to give the book a boost, please take the time to review it on sites like Amazon, GoodReads, NovelCrossing, and Barnes & Noble. But most of all … enjoy the adventure!
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Zondervan

♦ On a related note, would you like a postcard? I sent out a big batch earlier this week, and I restocked my supply of postcard stamps this morning. I’m ready for you! Details on how to sign up for my mailing list can be found on the Postcard page.

♦ I’ve been working with some artists this week, and I needed to find character references. Hairstyles, coloring, wardrobe, personality—it can be so tricky to find just the right pics to capture a person who’s been little more than an insistent voice in my head. These probably don’t make much sense out of context, but here’s a smattering of the images that I collected:


♦ Business cards happened this week! I’ve been meaning to do this for months now, and my daughter and I finally tackled this item on my authorial to-do list. The result is bright and fun. They’ll be full color on front and back:

Business Card

ANGELS ALL AROUND♦ This week, I demystified myself where QR-codes are concerned. I’ll soon have a set of cards that include this magical little link-up. I’ll share a picture of those when my order arrives from the printer. In the meantime, those of you with spiffy phones can easily check to see what story I’ll be promoting. The rest of us will use this link.

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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