Threshold Series, Book 2: The Hidden Deep

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The Hidden Deep

We’ve been counting down, and today’s the big day. The Hidden Deep has released! Jacketed hardcover copies and e-books are available in all the usual places. If you haven’t already nabbed one, by all means … do! I’m so excited to be able to share the next part of the story with everyone! Stuff happens. Yup. All kindsa stuff.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Zondervan

To celebrate The Hidden Deep‘s release, I’m doing a postcard reveal! The box from the printer came in just over a week ago, and they turned out beautifully! Hannah Christenson’s art features Ephron, the missing angel from Jedrick’s Flight. I asked her to use an extra long canvas for the full illustration in order to emulate the pit that’s his prison.

Ephron by Hannah Christenson

The postcards are neatly cropped … and ready to share! If you’d like me to send one your way, head on over to my Postcard Page for contact information. I’d be most happy to put something nice in your mailbox!

The Hidden Deep Postcards

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