The Week’s Accumulation xxxvi

Today, I joked to my family that I feel like an old nag who’s caught sight of her stable. The end of the book I’m writing is in view, and I’ve picked up my pace in a rush to get there. It seems strange to me that I’m going to be finishing the final book in the Threshold Series just as the second book is about to release. Lots of news and a little clutter to share this week. Want to see?

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Monday kicked off with a radio interview! The confirmation for it is part of the clutter on my desktop after a busy week. I was on Life Lessons Radio with Rick Tocquigny!

You can listen to the interview, which is archived here >>

♦ Today was supposed to be the release date for Angels All Around, the illustrated Threshold Series prequel. But the publisher let me know late yesterday that it’ll be Monday instead. I’m quite amused that this short story (now 4/22) and The Hidden Deep (4/23) will be almost-twins. Let’s do another teaser for the wonderful illustrations for Angels All Around. Here’s another of Anna Earley’s initial sketches.

062 Vignette 01

♦ Another page was added to this website this week. If you go under the Threshold Series tab, the bottommost page on the list is the GLOSSARY. My editor and I thought it might be nice to create a listing of my orders of angels and some of the angelic jargon that comes up in the series (and in Rough and Tumble). This glossary is printed in the back of Book 2: The Hidden Deep. The version here on my website is subject to change. In fact, I added a few additional bits of trivia to it. Take a gander if you’re interested!

♦ More pins are added each week to my Pinterest boards, including ones for the Threshold Series, Prissie Pomeroy, and Story Art!


♦ Have I mentioned that The Hidden Deep will release on Tuesday? I received an advance copy this week, which was quite exciting. It looks very nice next to The Blue Door on my bookshelf! ♥

Books 1 and 2b

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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