COMING SOON!  There’s just one more week until Book 2 in the Threshold Series releases. The Hidden Deep will be in bookstores next Tuesday, April 23, 2013. To count down, I’ve been doing a weekly post to share newsy tidbits, sneak peeks at sketches, and brand new story art. This week, I’m sharing orders of angels from the new Threshold Series glossary!

The Hidden DeepHarvesttime is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns that something terrible happened in her family’s orchard. With school back in session, the rift between Prissie and her friends widens while Ransom and his friends keep getting on her nerves. As Koji and Milo introduce Prissie to the rest of Jedrick’s Flight, she’s drawn increasingly deeper into their world and closer to its dangers. A kidnapped apprentice suffers. A chained door bodes ill. A tiny angel makes a big difference. A battle line is drawn. Everything Prissie thought she knew is about to change… again!

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Orders of Angels. Throughout Scripture, we see angels serving God in different capacities. Delivering messages. Protecting people. Witnessing redemption. Destroying armies. Singing praises. When establishing the world in which Prissie’s story takes place, I organized the angels by roles, imposing a fictional structure on the heights of heavens. They’re included in a Glossary at the back of Book 2: The Hidden Deep.

Protectors. In the Bible, cherubim are protectors God’s name and image. They’re usually described as beings who devote themselves to blessing, praising, and adoring Him. In my stories, Protectors fight the Fallen. Taller than humanly possible, these muscular warriors are well equipped for battle.

Guardians. The hadarim watch over the lives of individuals. The Guardians’ name is taken from haderes, which means “hedge of protection.” In the Threshold Series, members of this order are famously bashful and show incredible fierceness when defending their charges.

Messengers. Malakim comes from malak, which means “messenger.” They’re responsible for communication within the ranks of heaven, and they’re known for being outgoing and talkative. Language poses no barrier for Messengers. Members of this order are skilled at drawing others into dreams and visions.

Worshipers. The zamarim derive their name from zamar, “sing with instruments.” Although all angels express themselves through song, Worshipers truly live to praise God with everything they have. One thing that sets apart this order of musically inclined angels is their wings, which are designed more for beauty than for flight.

Observers. The archivists of heaven are adahim. They get their name from adah, “to witness, to testify.” Observers watch the intricate plans and purposes of God unfold throughout history. Writers, thinkers, artists, poets—the adahim ponder all they’ve seen and heard and record their thoughts in books.

Caretakers. Earth-movers and storm-bringers, the samayim were granted cataclysmic power in order to care for the created universe. There’s very little a Caretaker cannot do, but at the same time, they’re limited in what they’re allowed to do. In the Threshold Series, the samayim show an affinity for nature, minister to the injured, change the physical appearances of people, and tend flocks of yahavim. Their name means “heavens.”

Manna-makers. Despite their diminutive size and playful nature, all the hosts of heaven depend heavily upon the yahavim. This lowest order of angels is responsible for producing manna, the food of angels. Their name comes from yahav, which means “provide.” They’re drawn to those in need.

There are most definitely more orders than these. For instance, you’ll meet Weavers and Forgers later this fall. Teaser: On the day Rough and Tumble reaches its end, I’ll begin another 100-word mini epic. I’m really excited to share the new story, which will reveal how Taweel and Omri became attached … among other things. Look forward to it!

New Art! Let’s feature a zamarim this week. Kester Peverell is a reserved but quirky Worshiper who doesn’t confine himself to song. (Most of his order stick to vocals.) His fascination with musical instruments has resulted in an amazing collection. He’ll take up his cello in The Hidden Deep!

Kester by rougemie

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