The Week’s Accumulation xxxv

Balance is tricky, especially for someone with one-track tendencies. When I do something, I usually go at it with all my time and attention until it’s done. Nose to the grindstone. Full bore. Hard core. N’stuff. That’s probably why I prefer large blocks of time in which to write. Once I start, I don’t like to stop. But I do like variety, and this week, I added some to our days. Photographic evidence is part of this week’s clutter. Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Once upon a time, I had a different label than “storyteller.” I was a quilter. When my daughters expressed an interest in learning, we hauled everything out of storage. This week, hands-on lessons began in earnest. Loving the additions to my day: colors, patterns, and graph paper … the hum of our machine … the steamy/starchy smell my battered old ironing board gives off. This is the best nostalgia kick I’ve been on in a long while.


♦ Naturally, I’m still writing. And I have a new little buddy to liven up my brainstorming sessions. If there was ever any doubt that I’m an old-fashioned girl, this guy proves it. Yep. Not only does Christa write by candlelight, she uses an hourglass to keep herself on task. Well … a quarter-hour glass. The glittery, teal granules take 15 minutes to fall, which is perfect for word sprints.


♦ If all goes according to plans, Zonderkidz will release a Threshold Series prequel in one week! You can read more about Angels All Around here. This illustrated short story is going to be free to download. Easy to nab. Easy to share.

♦ I tweeted about the dust jackets for The Hidden Deep earlier this week!

4-12-2013 8-12-16 AM


The embossing really makes those rocks stand out. All rugged and imposing. The title, stairs, and even those tiny chains on the Deep’s door have also been given special treatment. It’s an eye-catching cover! So excited that this story will be releasing soon. Only ten days left!

New Art! A couple more pieces were added to the galleries this week, and Prissie seems to be the center of attention this time around.

Prissie       Prissie

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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