Rough and Tumble, Chapter 146: Mason Jars

Chapter 146: Mason Jars

The children were chasing fireflies on the front lawn. Prissie lectured. Beau pounced. Zeke ran in circles, hands in the air. And on the porch, three mason jars became lanterns. Prissie’s had four fireflies; Beau’s held five. Only Zeke’s remained unlit.

Until a curious yahavim tiptoed over for a closer look. With a flick of translucent wings, Omri investigated Zeke’s jar from the inside.

“Should we call him back?” Ethan asked.

Taweel grunted. “There is no danger.”

Given Zeke’s prowess, he was probably right. Yet the little boy’s jar glowed more brightly than its neighbors. Luminous with Omri’s innocent delight.



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