COMING SOON!  There are only 2 weeks left until Book 2 in the Threshold Series releases. The Hidden Deep will be in bookstores on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. To count down, I’m doing a weekly post to share newsy tidbits, sneak peeks at sketches, and brand new story art. This week, I’m sharing angelic jargon from the new Threshold Series glossary!

The Hidden DeepHarvesttime is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns that something terrible happened in her family’s orchard. With school back in session, the rift between Prissie and her friends widens while Ransom and his friends keep getting on her nerves. As Koji and Milo introduce Prissie to the rest of Jedrick’s Flight, she’s drawn increasingly deeper into their world and closer to its dangers. A kidnapped apprentice suffers. A chained door bodes ill. A tiny angel makes a big difference. A battle line is drawn. Everything Prissie thought she knew is about to change… again!

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Glossary! One new thing that’s been added to the books in this series is a glossary. Next time, we’ll look at the orders of angels, which are neatly laid out. But for this week, I’ll share the section on terms. Yep. It’s angel jargon time! Thresholds style.

Angelic Jargon. Several terms come up over the course of the Threshold Series, and while the angels take them for granted, maybe you’d like a little more explanation.

The First. In this storyline, not all angels were created at the same time. Some have been around for millennia, but others are newly formed. When an angel is described as one of the First, it means that he was alive before Time began. First Ones remember the rift that divided the Fallen from the Faithful, and they witnessed creation of the heavens and earth as described in Genesis 1.

Faithful. An angel who lives to serve God.

Fallen. An angel who has set himself against God. Fallen angels are demons.

Mentor. When an older, wiser angel is given a newbie to train, he becomes their mentor. A small, silvery cuff on the shell of the left ear indicates their rank. Mentors may train several apprentices over their lifetime, but only one at a time.

Apprentice. When angels are Sent out of heaven to serve, they always go in pairs. Sometimes, these two-angel teams involve partners on equal footing, but more often, a newer angel is apprenticed to a mentor. Some apprentices end up partnering with several different mentors before their training is considered complete.

Legion. For the purposes of this storyline, one Legion is a company of 12,000 angels.

Flight. The Faithful are organized into twelve-angel teams that are headed up by a captain. That means a Legion is comprised of 1,000 Flights.

Hedge. A group of Guardians serving together in one area is called a Hedge. The hadarim form a perimeter around individual homes, but also in crowded place—schools, apartment buildings, businesses, shopping centers, concerts, sporting events, etc. Because guardian angels come and go whenever their charges do, Hedges are in a constant state of flux.

Graft. When an angel takes on human guise and becomes a part of society, he’s said to be grafted in.

Raiment. The Faithful wear raiment, clothing said to have a light and life of its own. The woven fabric is beige, faintly luminous, and resistant to spot and wrinkle. Design varies slightly depending on the needs of the wearer, and the patterns stitched on the collar and cuffs indicate flight, rank, and order.

New Art! There’s been a sneak peek at this piece in the header for this site’s gallery page for The Hidden Deep, but this week, I’ll share the full piece. This scene is from the soon-out story, roundabout Chapter 13, if I remember right!

The White Door by sicilianvalkyrie

Fun Fact: When you work with artists from all over the world, they interpret “ordinary” in very different ways. And one of the places it stands out most is in Prissie’s wardrobe. I quite enjoy these variations. What’s typical in Russia, Italy, Vietnam, France, and New Zealand doesn’t always come out looking off-the-rack American. So… can you guess where this artist is from based on Prissie’s attire?


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