The Week’s Accumulation xxxiv

This week has been busy in an unprecedented way: double blog posts every day this week. Of course, half of that is just the usual updates of Rough and Tumble, but still…! Daily doings! I’ll recap the week, share my clutter, and indulge in some of our weekly chit-chat. Have a look!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Let’s begin with that recap, just to get it out of the way…

Angels All Around, Final CoverMondayRevisiting Galleries of Stone – a book review of Galleries of Stone, plus new art of Tupper Meadowsweet
TuesdayCOUNTDOWN – 3 Weeks – art + a discussion of yahavim
WednesdayIn which there is nary a feather… Cover reveal! There’s a Threshold Series prequel coming out in just two weeks!
ThursdayIn which I lived along a gravel road… Interview and a Giveaway. You could win a copy of The Hidden Deep!

♦ I continue to spend odd moments on Pinterest, so each week, my boards are updated with everything from Writing Quotes to Story Art. I also collect photographs that capture details from the Threshold Series. If you’re also on Pinterest, follow along!

Show and Tell

♦ Three new pages were added to my website this week. Angels All Around – cover, summary, and details for a new Threshold Series prequel. If you’re looking for that page, its listed under the “Threshold Series” tab. Postcards – I went ahead and formalized my ongoing postcard offer by creating a page for it. That one’s located under the “About the Author” tab. Interviews – radio, newspaper, magazine, blog, etc. This page is an interview archive, also located under the “About the Author” tab. For fun, I included Frequently Asked Questions… because FAQs happen!

New art! A couple of pieces were added to the story art gallery this week. One of Raz and Verrill from Rough and Tumble, the other of Omri and Lavi, two yahavim from The Hidden Deep.

Raz     Yahavim

♦ Most of the rest of my clutter involves documents for the writing that’ll likely consume the rest of my month. The fourth book in the Threshold Series is coming right along, and I have been fiddling with scenes from a new series as well. Character descriptions, setting notes, photo references, artists’ sketches … and a profusion of notes that I’m thinking of turning into series-related blog posts or devotionals. Yep. Lotsa creative messes. ♥

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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