Rough and Tumble, Chapter 143: Seriously Fun

Chapter 143: Seriously Fun

Early summer thundershowers found the Pomeroy children riding bikes—and trike—in the apple barn while cherubim cavorted in the rafters.

“Over, then under?” suggested Yannis.

Garrick countered, “Or under, then over?”

“Both could be tricky.”

“But near misses makes things more exciting!”

Ethan contemplated the obstacle course Neil was setting up on the floor below. Visible and invisible were in sync. He glanced at his teammates. “May I play?”

Yannis gasped in affront. “This is no game!”

“We take our training very seriously,” Garrick agreed.

Ethan smiled softly.

The archers traded a look, then laughed. “Over, under, and through!”



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