In which I lived along a gravel road…

Authorial Endeavor #019. We’re gaining on the release date for the second book in the Threshold Series. The Hidden Deep will be available everywhere on April 23, 2013, so reviews and interviews are trickling in.

“When kids are wrestling with tough questions,
insights from an adult can go a long way.
Throughout the series, we see Prissie turn to
her parents, her grandparents, and her pastor
with her questions. And like them, we need to
be there, ready to listen, ready to learn.”

I was so delighted to be interviewed by a Michigan friend on her blog. She’s a Children’s Ministry expert and loving grandma! You can read Lynda Freeman’s Q&A session with me at Grandma’s Cookie Jar. Here’s a sampling of the questions that came up:

  • What is the one main thing you’d like young readers to walk away with after reading The Hidden Deep?
  • I appreciated the Discussion Questions in the back of the book. Would you encourage parents to think through these questions with their children?
  • Did your time in West Michigan help inspire your apple orchard setting for the Pomeroy family?

As I mentioned last week when Lynda reviewed The Blue Door, you also have the chance to sign up for giveaways! She’s offering two signed copies of The Blue Door, and you also have the chance to win a copy of The Hidden Deep! Head on over to find out how to enter these drawings!

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