In which there is nary a feather…

Authorial Endeavor #018. This is turning out to be a busy, newsy week, what with all these extra posts. Today, it’s cover reveal time! According to my publisher, that Threshold Series illustrated prequel I’ve been talking about since forever now has a sorta-solid release date—Friday, April 19, 2013. Since that’s a mere fortnight hence, let’s show off the cover for Angels All Around!

Angels All Around, Final Cover

I’m just delighted with Anna’s cover and illustrations for the story. She’s one of my favorite artists, so I’m perpetually on her commissions waiting list. Her workmanship’s all over the place in my gallery, and I have a couple pieces tucked away for later, too! You may want to nab this story just for the art. Seriously.


Angels All Around is going to be a direct-to-digital thing. And as soon as this illustrated short story becomes available, you’ll be able to download it to your e-readers (or computers) for free! That makes it easy to spread the word. Share the love. Tell a friend.

Lastly, the Angels All Around Page is live,
more details can be found there! >>

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